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Strive to create a series of high-quality articles that are suitable for junior and intermediate engineers to understand. This year's blog focuses on the analysis of the underlying principles such as frameworks, TS and construction tools.

| Browser related

1. Explain the principles of browser rendering in simple terms

2. Deep dive into browser storage

3. In-depth understanding of browser caching mechanism

4. What happens from URL input to page presentation?

| Javascript

1. Detailed explanation of front-end modularization (full version)

2. Implementation principles of nine cross-domain methods (full version)

3. JavaScript data types and their detection

4. JavaScript data type conversion

5. Deep understanding of JavaScript scope and scope chain

6. In -depth understanding of JavaScript execution context and execution stack

7. Elaborate on the commonly used methods of traversing arrays

8. Shallow copy and deep copy

9. Explain Javascript closures in a simple way

10. You haven't understood this yet?

11. Detailed explanation of prototype and prototype chain

12. Dom event mechanism

13. Six common inheritance methods in JavaScript

14. What is the difference between the browser and Node's Event Loop?

15. Garbage Collection and Memory Leaks in JavaScript

16. javascript functional programming

17. Use Number.toFixed() with caution

18. Would you use JSON.stringify()?

| ES6+

1. ES6 core features

2. ES7, ES8, ES9, ES10 new features

3. ES2020 new features

4. ES2021 new features

5. 7 Exciting New JavaScript Features

6. Do you really understand Promises?

7. Asynchronous solution--Promise and Await

8. Six schemes of JS asynchronous programming

9. ES6 Iterators and Generators


1. How to center an element (final version)

2. What you need to know about responsive layouts

3. In-depth understanding of BFC

4. How to clear the float

5. LESS is ready to use

6. Several common CSS layouts

7. Several methods to achieve three-column layout

| Http protocol and data request

1. What you must know about the Http protocol

2. In-depth understanding of how HTTPS works

3. Interpret HTTP/2 and HTTP/3 Features

4. Summary of Web Real-time Push Technology

5. Comparison of TCP and UDP

6. Ajax principle is enough

7. Ajax request background data

8. How fetch requests data

| Page performance optimization and security

1. What are the ways to optimize page performance

2. Lazy loading and preloading

3. Function throttling and anti-shake .

4. Analysis of six common web security attacks and defenses

| Vue Family Bucket

1. What are the new changes in Vue3.2?

2. Learn Vuex from scratch

3. Learn vue-router from scratch

4. Impressive Vue combat skills

| Tools

1. The VS Code plugin that makes development efficiency "fly"

| Interview

1. Javascript interview core test site (basic version)